SNL’s Seth Meyers Challenged to a Grilled Cheese Contest- Elettra’s Goodness – Vogue

Saturday Night Live’s Seth Meyers joins Elettra Wiedemann in a classic boys vs. girls cooking challenge to see whose grilled cheese reigns supreme. Elettra and Seth are joined by Seth’s girlfriend, human rights lawyer, Alexi Ashe, and her brother, personal chef Tolya Ashe.

Come back to check out new episodes and find out who Elettra knows, what they’ll cook, and then join them as they sit down to sample their creations.

NOTE: The recipes contained in this article have not been tested by Vogue. Vogue makes no representation or warranty regarding the recipe.

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SNL’s Seth Meyers Challenged to a Grilled Cheese Content-Vogue’s cooking series Elettra’s Goodness

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Styling – Chloe Hartstein
Hair – Ted Gibson
Makeup – Daniel Martin

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SNL’s Seth Meyers Challenged to a Grilled Cheese Contest- Elettra’s Goodness – Vogue

Starring: Seth Meyers, Elettra Wiedemann, Alexi Ashe, and Tolya Ashe

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