The Yeezy Gap Hoodie Is Here and Canada Awaits (Impatiently)

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The oversized hoodie design channels classic Yeezy coziness.

After kicking off its brand partnership with a surprise drop in June, the Yeezy Gap collaboration is back with a new item that’s already making waves on the internet. The “Yeezy Gap Hoodie” has arrived, and though not yet available in Canada, it has piqued interest everywhere.

The drop came on September 29, after a mysterious countdown clock appeared on Gap’s landing page to get fans excited about the upcoming launch. The double-layered hoodie is made of 100 percent cotton and comes in purple, brown, light brown, red, black and a blue that is reminiscent of the collaboration’s first drop. The hoodies retail for $90 USD and also come in children’s sizes for $70 USD.

With its second drop, the collection is channelling the quintessential coziness of Kanye West’s brand. The first Yeezy Gap item, the “Round Jacket”, was a shiny, bright blue unisex puffer. Retailing for $200 USD, the jacket was undoubtedly a statement piece, while the newest Yeezy Gap apparel is distinctly more minimal, and therefore more wearable.

In fact, the design is so plain that some fans have pointed out similar-looking hoodies that are available for much cheaper on outlets like Amazon. A revolutionary design it is not, but will we cop it when we have the chance? Obviously. The ongoing hype around the brands’ collaboration has already solidified it as fashion history. After all, fans flocked to order a winter jacket in the summer, of all times.

To its credit, the Yeezy Gap Hoodie has some standout details that set it apart. For starters, it doesn’t have drawstrings or hood details — something you’d find on most sweatshirts. The hoodies are decidedly baggy, with dramatized drop-shoulders, a large front pocket and ribbed detailing on the cuffs and hem. Ye himself has also been seen sporting the hoodie, previously nicknamed “The Perfect Hoodie” by fans, since last year. The artist has made a habit of wearing his designs before they launch, with West spotted in the Round Jacket a few days before its release.

The addition of Yeezy designs has proved to be a blessing for Gap, helping to bring in a new, younger clientele and bump up sales, reports CNN. Though the collection is currently only available in the U.S., the brands reportedly have a 10-year partnership, meaning there will be *many* new Yeezy Gap pieces down the line. Be sure to watch this space for updates about Canadian shoppers.

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