12 Zodiac Necklaces that Go with Any Outfit

photo via instagram.com/loganhollowell

Wear your star sign with pride—with a statement around your neck.

Whether you’re a Libra sun, Cancer moon or Aquarius rising, zodiac necklaces make a unique, personal gift for someone special or for yourself. (You deserve it)! From the classic coin medallion to intricate designs with diamonds and precious stones, zodiac necklaces are a perfect way to channel your energy into a sign that matches your mood. These easy-to-pair styles can work with any look, whether you’re planning to wear one with a casual ensemble or layer several strands to show off your entire chart.

No matter what your preferred jewelry style, we’ve found zodiac necklaces that work for everyone — from delicate 14k gold jewelry to more affordable everyday pendants. Click through to find 12 unique designs for every sign:

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