Jennifer Lopez Says She Still Feels Like a Hollywood Outsider


When people think about Jennifer Lopez, they definitely aren’t picturing someone unsuccessful. J.Lo has been a hit at pretty much everything she’s tried—dancing, acting, singing, and now launching her very own beauty line, JLO Beauty. Lopez made a promotional video with Sephora for Latinx Heritage Month and opened up about the fact that things aren’t always as smooth as they seem.

In the video, Lopez says, “Latinas are fearless and powerful, and they can accomplish anything they set their minds to,” but then admits this courage doesn’t mean she never feels out-of-place.

“I think for me, I know it is important for all of us to feel like we belong, um, and like most people there’s so many times in your life when you feel like an outsider, I feel like that in Hollywood sometimes. The truth is, all we need is our little tribe.”

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Lopez has had a very long career, so those moments of feeling excluded could have happened at any time. It’s suggested by TMZ that she may have been alluding to not getting an Academy Award nomination for her performance in Hustlers as the charismatic Ramona. At the time, fans and other celebs were enraged on J.Lo’s behalf, like director Tyler Perry.

“I think that Jennifer Lopez should have been recognized,” Perry told CBS This Morning at the time.

It’s still a little hard to believe that Lopez doesn’t feel like one of Hollywood’s favorite stars, especially with all the love and attention her renewed relationship with Ben Affleck has been getting. The couple has been making stunning appearances on the red carpet together and don’t forget that Ben Affleck is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars himself.

ben affleck jennifer lopez

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If these two weren’t accepted in Hollywood, they could probably start their own Tinseltown and the world would follow.

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