God is Both a Woman And an Incredible Fragrance


Move over Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton, Glow by J. Lo, and White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor— God is a Woman, the newest fragrance from Ariana Grande, is the best celebrity scent on the market, period. Full stop. I said what I said.

Ariana Grande God Is A Woman Eau de Parfum

Ariana Grande


I first became intrigued by Ariana Grande’s fragrance line when Tynan Sinks, co-host of Smell Ya Later Podcast, mentioned he loves the collection.

So when I heard Grande had a new launch on the horizon, I felt like this was a sign from God (she/her) to give it a try. I spritzed the fragrance into the box (Pro tip: never spray a never-smelled-before-fragrance directly onto your body—you’re stuck with it all day, which is a unique form of punishment if you hate it) and I was shocked. This… is incredible.

God is a Woman reminds me a lot of the OG celebrity fragrance Britney Spears’s Curious. That’s because they both share a heavy top note of pear—but while Curious leans heavily into while florals for the rest of the fragrance, God is a Woman matures the fruit note by combining it with Turkish rose and a really sexy skin-like blend of ambrette, musk, and vanilla. The juice is 91% naturally derived, vegan, and cruelty-free (her past fragrances have been only vegan and cruelty-free).

The new scent is named after one of Grande’s songs, just like her other drops: Thank U Next, Cloud, and R.E.M. It’s for sale today on Ulta.com only and will make its way it IRL Ulta shelves across the nation on August 1.

I’m a believer in Ariana Grande’s God is a Woman fragrance. Rejoice!

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