My Brows Have Main Character Energy— Here’s My Secret


I used to be smug about the fact that I never went through a skinny eyebrow phase until I recently flipped open a photo album and got a heavy dose of reality splashed all over me.

As someone who went to middle school with unclever children in the early ’00s, I’ve endured many nasty comments about resembling Frida Khalo and her iconic unibrow years before realizing what a compliment that was. But now that the tides have turned, and I’m the proud owner of decent brows, while others struggle to attain a bushier look. And I have the key to thicker, darker brows. Instead of being petty and withholding that information (let’s see how you like it!) I’m going to let you in on a bit of secret: Eyebrow tinting!

Also known as a longer-lasting version of what your brow pencil provides you, eyebrow tinting is an easy, quick way to get fuller, shapelier, and darker brows without the hassle of daily maintenance. But don’t just take my word for it. Instead, take the word of René de la Garza, founder of Brow Down Studio in Los Angeles, and brow guru who has touched the faces of celebrities like Lizzo and Cardi B. Below, he breaks down everything you need to know about brow tinting.

What Is Eyebrow Tinting?

Think of it as a root touch-up for your brows. “Eyebrow tinting is very similar to coloring your hair, except it is done using a color that is made specifically for brows,” says de la Garza. Like with dyeing your hair, it’s essential to make sure your skin isn’t sensitive to color. “Eyebrow tinting is safe for most skin and hair types, but there is a small percentage of people who could have an adverse reaction. Typically if you are sensitive to hair color or perms, you are likely to have a negative reaction to tinting your brows.” So if you’re not sure whether your skin can handle a tint, “I recommend always patch testing by applying a small stripe of color onto the brows, leave the tint on for five minutes, remove with a wet cotton round, and wait 24 hours before proceeding with your full brow tint.”

Who Should Get A Brow Tint?

If you’re someone who needs to draw on some brow pencil every day to feel alive, you might benefit from a brow tint. “Eyebrow tinting is a great option for grey coverage, light-colored brow hair, or anybody who temporarily wants their brows to seem a little fuller,” says de la Garza. Even a dark brunette might love the result of a brow tint if any areas look a little sparse.

What’s The Process Like?

If you’re headed to a salon to get your brows shaped, consider adding on a tint if they offer it. “When getting your brows professionally done in a salon, you may opt for a brow tint as an add-on to your brow wax or brow threading service,” says de la Garza. “Typically brow tints are anywhere from $10-$40 extra, depending on the salon, and add an extra 5-15 minutes for processing time. The longer the tint is left on, the more intense and vibrant the color will be.” After you leave the salon, you can look forward to fuller, darker brows for days. “You can expect for the color to be the darkest on day 1-3, then the color will gradually fade and last anywhere from you 3-14 days on the hair, and up to 4 days on the skin under the brows,” says de la Garza.

Can You DIY A Brow Tint?

Yes, you can! But be careful. “As a brow artist, I will always recommend getting your brows professionally done, but a DIY brow tint isn’t impossible to do on your own.” Grab a tint, some gloves, and Aquaphor to make sure you don’t stain the areas around your brows. And make sure you keep a timer on hand so you don’t overdo it. If you’re interested in giving yourself a brow tint, shop these items that de la Garza recommends you pick up:

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