Don’t Know What to Do With Your Foam Roller? Try This Video — It Feels So Good on Your Hips!


Have a foam roller sitting around but have no idea how to really use it? Pilates instructor, 200-hour yoga teacher, and NASM-certified trainer Alexa Idama of @lowimpactfit shared these moves you can do to release your spine and hips. You can use any roller you have, but she uses this soft one that’s 36 inches long and six inches in diameter. For some of these moves, she also used a large foam massage ball (bigger than a lacrosse ball), to really target tight areas.

These moves are intense, so go at your own pace if you’re new to foam rolling — use light pressure and roll slowly if you need to. Idama said in the caption, “Do each variation for as many reps as your body needs.” She told POPSUGAR that you can roll before a workout to help get your muscles ready to work and after a workout to help with recovery. She said, “Rolling is always good. Before, after, and in between.” These will feel especially good if you have tight hips or a sore back.

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