Are Marvin and Melinda Still Together After Too Hot to Handle Season 2?


Spoilers ahead for Too Hot to Handle season 2.

All the episodes of Too Hot to Handle season 2 are available on Netflix now, which means most super-fans probably know that Melinda Melrose and Marvin Anthony left Turks and Caicos as a couple, as did Emily Miller and Cam Holmes.

Both couples formed at the start of the show, but both went through some rocky times. There were many times that Melrose and Miller were disappointed in their men, but by the end of the season, both couples were official.

Anthony asked Melrose to be his girlfriend while on a boating date, and they both got the green light from Lana (the robot who sets the celibacy rules) to share a kiss.

This time, Lana, aka the show’s producers, decided to allocate the entire collective prize fund to one person. After the whole cast debated among Anthony, Holmes, and their fellow cast member Carly Lawrence, they selected Anthony to take home more than $50,000 of prize funds. Anthony, who was happily in love with Melrose by the end of the show, was deemed the member of the group who made the most progress emotionally.

When the show ended, both Melrose and Anthony expressed doubts about how they could keep up their relationship. The show was filmed in September 2020, before any COVID-19 vaccines were available.

Anthony is from Paris, and Melrose is from New York, which meant seeing each other, especially during a pandemic, wouldn’t exactly be easy.

All of that leads to one central question: It’s been ten months since these two met in a villa for a reality-TV show. Are they still together?

There doesn’t seem to be an easy answer.

“It’s complicated, with Melinda it’s always complicated, Anthony said in an interview with Capital FM. “But we’re going to see, because we’ve been away for a long time. I was stuck in France, so we’re going to see how it’ll continue.”

Anthony seems to be referring to that whole pandemic problem. France has had some of tightest COVID travel restrictions in the world, which means it probably wasn’t easy to see his THTH girlfriend.

However cheeky Anthony was in his interview, he did seem to confirm the relationship to a fan on Instagram:

marvin melinda too hot to handle

Marvin Anthony Instagram

And Melrose is either with someone else, or this is a real red herring.

Peter Vigilante was one of the biggest flirts of the season and was even kicked off by Lana for not forming any meaningful connections. So, this could be just Pete being Pete, tbh.

melinda marvin thth

Melinda MelroseInstagram

Because she still seems pretty affectionate with her season 2 beau.

melinda marvin flirt thth

Melinda MelroseInstagram

marvin anthony melinda melrose

Marvin Anthony Instagram

We just have to wait for the reunion.

The first season of Too Hot to Handle had a reunion, so it only makes sense that there will be one for season 2. Netflix hasn’t confirmed it yet, but if Distractify is right, Netflix won’t leave us wondering.

We need answers!

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