How the Friendship Between Simone Biles and Jordan Chiles Helped Propel Them to Tokyo


Gymnasts Simone Biles and Jordan Chiles are proof that when women build each other up, anything is possible. Prior to uprooting her life in Washington and moving to Spring, TX, to train with Biles, Chiles was on the brink of giving up on gymnastics for good. Biles could see that Chiles was struggling after not making the World Championships team in 2017 and finishing 11th at nationals the following year. She believed that with the right coaches and support, Chiles had a real shot at making the US Olympic team, so she offered her a spot at her gym. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, they’re best friends and each other’s biggest fan — something that couldn’t have been more evident when a tearful Biles embraced Chiles after it became clear that she would, in fact, make the Olympic team. “Having [Biles] by my side 24/7 and giving me encouraging words every day definitely helped and it was very motivational,” Chiles said on The Today Show after qualifying for Tokyo. “Very happy to have someone like her.” But Biles has also benefitted from having Chiles train alongside her. “It’s been exciting to watch her grow in and out of the gym,” Biles told ESPN. “I see her pushing herself every day, which is inspiring.” Scroll through the gallery ahead to see more of their sweet sisterly bond!

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