All About Chase DeMoor, One of the Standouts From Too Hot to Handle Season 2


Spoilers for season 2 of Too Hot to Handle ahead.

If you’ve burrowed deep into the hole that is the second season of Too Hot to Handle—a show in which contestants are restricted from any heavy petting and watched, á la Big Brother, by a cone named Lana—then you’re already in the know about Carly Lawrence and Chase DeMoor. The young pair started off strong on the show—even sacrificing some prize money to get a little too close—but, eventually, they both set their eyes on different people.

After their dramatic split, newcomer Tabitha Clifft chose DeMoor to join her on a date, sparking Lawrence’s obvious jealousy. At that point, Lawrence didn’t waste any time getting flirty with Clifft’s fellow newcomer Joey Joy.

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Even still, there might be hope for DeMoor and Lawrence after all. In a new interview, DeMoor let slip that he and Lawrence still talk (more than you’d expect), so there is a chance they kept their romance rolling even when the cameras weren’t.

“Me and Carly, to this day, have a really great relationship,” DeMoor told The Arizona Republic. “She calls me every day. We talk all the time. I think she’s actually going to come out here to Arizona, and we’re going to hang out. Obviously, Tabitha lives in the U.K. I’d love to go see Tabitha too because [she] and I also have a really good relationship.”

Well, now he’s just playing with us. It’s time for that THTH reunion so we can stir up some answers!

That said, we do know DeMoor was the least happy of the season 2 crew when he realized he’d been bamboozled into an appearance on Too Hot to Handle.

“I’m not going to lie,” he told The Arizona Republic. “When I was on the show and I found out that I was tricked into this retreat, I was not the happiest. I’m pretty sure I walked around right after that—I was [cast] by Katie—and I was like, ‘Put me on the phone with Katie right now. I feel so lied to, so betrayed.’ My trust issues went through the roof. But looking back, I’m definitely glad I got to do Too Hot to Handle.”

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So we know DeMoor has some lingering trust issues re: Netflix casting directors who told him he was on a show called Parties in Paradise—and, honestly, fair enough—but what else is the strapping lad up to these days? Here’s what we know about DeMoor when he’s not withering under Lana’s watchful gaze.

What is his job?

DeMoor is a football player. He played for College of the Siskiyous before he left for Central Washington University (CWU) and played as a defensive lineman. He signed with the Montreal Alouettes in the Canadian Football League, but the season was canceled by COVID, DeMoor confirmed to The Arizona Republic.

He later signed with the Arizona Rattlers in March 2021 for the Indoor Football League season and also signed with the Houston Linemen in the Spring League.

Where is he from?

DeMoor is from Seattle; he worked out with the Seattle Seahawks after playing a year at CWU. He told The Arizona Republic more about his childhood:

“I am a Washington native originally. I grew up in a smaller town up there called Eatonville, Washington. [It has a] very small population; it’s one of those mom-and-pop towns. My parents lived there; my grandparents lived there.

How does he feel about that cockroach that landed on his face?

When DeMoor and Lawrence go on their first date, a cockroach that could pay rent with New York City’s best lands directly on his face. Despite the trauma of the moment, DeMoor says today he’s fine with the cockroach its own Mike Pence fly moment.

“Obviously, an iconic scene is the cockroach; I could never forget that,” he said. “I got a text yesterday from Saquon Barkley with the [New York] Giants; he sent me the same clip, and he also [told] me that Jason Derulo was commenting on the clip as well. So a lot of celebrities have seen this and are on my case.”

Where can we find him beyond THTH?

DeMoor is very popular on social media: He has 1.3 million followers on TikTok and 226,000 followers on Instagram. This guy might have a football career, but he is clearly on the path of an influencer. (An influencer on THTH? Color me shocked.)

Now it’s all eyes on his Insta for signs of what’s to come. Hopefully, those signs point to Chase and Carly 5ever.

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