Tan France Isn’t Going to Be a Cool Dad


While “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom” may be a favorite adage of our generation, Queer Eye star and father-to-be Tan France wants you to know: “I’m not going to be a cool dad.” France and his husband, Rob, are expecting their first child together via surrogate—and he already knows that it’s his partner who will be the cool dad. “You can take the boy out of Pakistan, but you cannot take Pakistan out of this boy,” France adds over Zoom from Austin, Texas (Queer Eye is filming its season six there). “I know I’m going to be a helicopter parent, and I can’t help it. As a child, I know they’re going to hate it, but I’m hoping in the future they’ll appreciate all I did for them.”

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France’s post-COVID schedule is looking intimidatingly busy: there’s baby-France on the way, a busy filming schedule for season six, as well as his other Netflix show, Next in Fashion —mercifully for him, he has another project brewing. France is the face of Starbuck’s Stir It Up campaign, embracing the ease of the brand’s instant coffee (especially for a new dad who’s also trying to make it to set on time).

You’re embracing a more vintage-inspired silhouette. Is that because of this new era of life you’re entering?

It’s not so much about the new era in being a father. It’s more I’m changing up my look because I’m back at work after COVID. I haven’t been on camera in a year and a couple of months. I wanted to change things up a little for this season, and I’m more concerned about sustainability in the clothing space, so I am buying vintage. I used to do it as a college student when I was too poor to afford brand-new things. I have worn a lot more seventies-inspired clothes and sixties.

What’s your morning routine like now that you’re back to filming?

My morning routine started with getting up, hopping out of bed, and making coffee. It took me about 15 minutes to make coffee in the morning, but now I’ve gotten 14 minutes back because I am using Starbucks Instant Coffee. So now I will make my coffee, and while I wait for it to cool down, I shower. Next, I do my hair, put a little bit of mousse in it, blow dry it with a round brush, and use a little bit of argan oil. I keep it so simple. On my face, I don’t use much of anything. I curl my lashes. I don’t wear makeup unless I’ve got a zit, and I’ll use concealer. My clothes are usually ironed the night before. I iron most of my clothes the day before. I usually will put out two outfit options and see what I’m feeling that morning. All in all, it takes me 15 or 20 minutes max to get ready in the morning.

How does Austin’s Queer Eye feel different than past seasons?

Primarily because of COVID, quite honestly. Now, we’re talking to people who’ve been through it: front-line workers, people who have experienced great loss. That feels special just as it is. But then, with Texas, the culture is quite different also. The dudes are quite dude-y, bro-y, which is much more intense than I’ve seen in other cities. There’s just so much that’s different about being in Texas.

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