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A great watch is more than just a functional accessory or eye candy. It can show off artistry and craftsmanship and speak volumes about your personal style. When it comes to purchasing a watch that’ll be a part of your signature look, there are plenty to choose from. Whether you’re drawn to retro and vintage-inspired timepieces, or modern and contemporary ones, the right piece will be a staple in your wardrobe, just like a finely tailored blazer or a pair of pearl earrings. 

Choosing a watch can be intimidating, but a few thoughtful considerations can help make it a smoother process. 

Set a budget  

Prices for watches run the gamut from super spendy to cheap and cheerful, which is why it’s important to establish a budget. Since it’s an investment piece, you want it to be a lasting relationship. Prioritize quality.

Study up

Before you dive into research, remember that the world of watches has its own language, which can easily leave an outsider stumped. Study up on basic terminology so you can understand frequently used words such as movement (the engine of a watch) and bezel (the metal or ceramic ring that surrounds the watch crystal).

Decide on a style 

If you’re on the market for an everyday accessory, you’ll want one that’s versatile enough to wear with any outfit and suitable for any occasion—ranging from a business meeting to cocktail hour. A flashy timepiece may be a showstopper, but if your style is more understated, it’s guaranteed to stay in your drawer rather than on your wrist. Go for timeless rather than an of-the-moment style that’s cool and trendy for the time being. That way, you don’t have to retire it early.

The design is also important and a lot of it comes down to taste and preference. Do you want a leather strap or metal? Do you like gold, silver or mixed metal? Simple or embellished with crystals? Think about how the watch will fit into your lifestyle. If you only ever wear gold jewellery, you’ll want a watch that complements it.

Size matters

Watches aren’t and shouldn’t be one size fits all. For an everyday timepiece, you want to choose one that’s comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis (a sporty, oversized watch, for example, may not be the best choice). If you have a delicate wrist, a smaller timepiece will be more flattering. The case size and thickness, as well as the strap thickness, are all things to consider when making a decision. Make sure to measure your wrist to ensure it’s the right fit.

Land on a brand 

For some, it’s important that a company’s ethos and values align with their own. A trusted watchmaker and heritage brand like Bulova, for example, has hundreds of years of history dating back to 1875. The iconic brand is known for bringing together craftsmanship, innovation and technology. The latest Regatta collection is inspired by the brand’s heritage timepieces, putting a contemporary spin with the selection of watches.

A watch also forges a personal connection with its owner and can have immense sentimental value. For many, it’s a cherished heirloom that’s passed on from generation to generation (similar to a necklace or fine china that may have been given to you by a family member). When you finally find the perfect timepiece, it will hopefully be in your wardrobe—and your life—for years to come.

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