The Beauty Products Our Editors Obsessed Over in May


Welcome to ELLE’s Empties, a monthly series where editors share the beauty products that they are currently obsessed with in their rotation. As we enter into summer, we’re craving bright lips (lots of them!), sexy scents, and smooth skin.

The Lipstick Alyssa Wore to Vax Up

alyssa bailey


Lip Souffle Matte Cream Lipstick

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez


“This may be my favorite matte red lipstick ever now. It goes on so cleanly, does not dry out my lips at all, and is a gorgeous, complementary cool red wine color. The color is longwear: This stuff will stay on all day and survive a lot (I’m talking drinks, meals, and even a mask)—but without any longwear discomfort some other brands have. I cannot tell you how many times this has helped me become Zoom-meeting ready in just seconds. Selena Gomez and her team truly knocked it out of the park with these lipsticks.” — Alyssa Bailey, News editor

Katherine’s Breezy Sephora Beauty Haul

katherine kruger


Leave In Conditioner



“I didn’t go crazy at this month’s Sephora sale, but I did stock up on Marc Jacob Beauty Highlighter Gel eyeliners. (I was already a converted by the shade Midnight in Paris, the perfect dark, inky blue.) They smudge perfectly but, if you’ve used a primer, still manage to stay where they’re supposed to all day or night. Lately, I’m loving the shade orange crush either right on my lid line or smudged all over my eyes—it perfectly highlights my blue eyes and makes me feel like the goddess of spring herself. I’ve also been loving this leave-in conditioner from Sachajuan. I have fine hair but a lot of it, and only recently read somewhere that maybe I shouldn’t be using traditional conditioner at all. It’s almost, too hydrating if that makes sense at all? Together, they have me feeling light and airy—just what the seasonal change begs for.” — Katherine Krueger, Features editor

Nerisha’s Equation for Hot Girl Summer



Faded Serum for Dark Spots & Discoloration



“In the wise words of Kourtney Kardashian: “My vibe right now is living life.” Part of me living my best life this summer (vaxxed, of course) is achieving baby smooth skin, a clear complexion, and smelling like money. When Black Twitter speaks you listen. When everyone on the app started raving about the Topical Faded Serum living up to its claims, I (virtually) ran to Sephora and purchased it as soon as it came in stock because the ingredients were too good to be true. Kojic acid, Azelaic acid, and Niacinamide? That’s the skincare holy trinity. As for the smooth skin, Drunk Elephant’s new Koffee Scrub feels like dunking your body in an invigorating cup of cafe mocha. Once my skin is baby smooth, Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s new fragrance is the perfect finale. And off to summer fun in the sun I’ll go.” — Nerisha Penrose, Beauty editor

The Mascara The Survives Ari’s Sweat Sessions





“A single inky black tear rolled down my cheek á la Lauren Conrad when I discovered this waterproof mascara. Not only does it survive gym sweat, dips in the pool, and quarantine crying sessions, but it’s also the cleanest waterproof formula on the market at 89 percent natural and 100 percent vegan.” — Ariana Yaptangco, Social media and beauty editor

The Serum Jessica Swears is Worth the Price Tag

jessica roy


TNS Essential Serum



“This is the most expensive product I own and it is 1,000,000% worth every penny. I have no idea what is even inside it but every morning I slather it on my face and look like a fancy newborn baby. I will wear this to my grave!!!” — Jessica Roy, Digital director

Katie’s Luxe Lipstick that Feels like a Balm

katie becker


Hydrating Plumping Intense Shine Lip Colour

More details


“What stands out the most about this lip color is that it is soft like a lip balm, but it is so highly pigmented that it can be used as an amazing stain (very aloof Parisian girl vibe). After I apply it, I blot almost immediately and the bright color lasts for hours and hours. Coincidentally, I’ve been wearing shade 128, which is called Magic.” — Katie Becker, Beauty and health director

The First Perfume Alexis Ever Purchased (That’s Still a Fav)

ag perfumes


Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum Légère

Carolina Herrera


“This one goes out to all the sensitive noses out there that sneeze even around baby powder but are still trying to wear perfume. It seems that I, like many, was not meant to have that signature scent that I so craved. But then in walks, quite literally, the Caroline Herrera Good Girl perfume. I first saw it when I worked at Nordstrom and I became obsessed. I would take home little samples of the fragrance before I finally splurged on a bottle. The compliments were endless as the mandarin and ylang-ylang mixed together to create this experience that didn’t make me sneeze! A subtle scent that has a strong impact. For a more spicy and sultry scent, the Dior Tobacolor is perfect for a deeper scent that lingers long after you leave. Finally, the prettiest of my collection, the Valentino Rosa Verde scent is so simple with notes of Bergamot and Ginger that I can (and do) wear it every day.” — Alexis Gaskin, Beauty assistant

Margaux’s Entire Look… Inspired By an ELLE Shoot

margaux anbouba


Katya Headband in Satin


“Anya Taylor-Joy’s entire doll-eyed shoot in our May issue had me floored. The headband, a new launch from Jennifer Behr, comes in every cotton candy-pastel imaginable. To finish the vibe, I swiped on five (yes, four!!) coats of DiorShow mascara, on my top and bottom lashes for a super doll-eyed false lash look, then lined the bottom waterline with BeautyPie’s new launch, the Bright Eyes Kohl Liner, which is bone-colored and makes even the most tired-looking eyes pop.” — Margaux Anbouba, Associate beauty editor

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