Want to Ditch the Alarm? Here Are 5 Tips For Waking Up Naturally


Like most working professionals, I consider my alarm to be a necessary evil. While I don’t particularly look forward to being jolted out of a blissful slumber to Apple’s radar sound, I don’t know any other way to ensure I’ll get up in time for work. But many people — Oprah included — have somehow figured out how to wake up without an alarm. And a 2021 survey revealed that people who ditch the alarm tended to be in a more positive mood, and feel more well-rested, motivated, focused, productive, and clear-headed throughout their workday. Not only that, but they were actually less likely to be late for work than those who relied on their alarm. There seem to be physical health benefits, too: a 2005 study found that people who were suddenly forced awake had higher blood pressure and heart rate than those who woke up in their own time (no surprise there).

“The main benefit of waking up naturally is that you know you’ve gotten your adequate quantity and quality of sleep,” Sujay Kansagra, MD, a neurologist board-certified in sleep medicine, told POPSUGAR. “For the average adult, this is between seven and nine hours. Anyone should be able to wake up naturally without an alarm clock so long as you’re getting the proper amount of quality sleep every single day.”

This approach isn’t for everyone, however — some people work shifts with odd hours, for example, and may find it difficult to wake up without an alarm. That said, if you have a consistent work and sleep schedule, it may be possible to train yourself to wake up on your own. Ahead, experts share their top tips for waking up naturally.

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