Lana Condor On Her Favorite Lip Balm, Jeans, and More


Ever since Lana Condor splashed on the scene with Netflix’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved, she’s become a default influencer. Whether it’s her character that launched a thousand scrunchies or her fans scrambling online trying to figure out which exact shade of lipstick she was wearing on the bus, whatever Condor uses, we buy.

Her next adventure leaves the boys behind and taps into her own creative skillset. The actress and producer is partnering with Vera Bradley to launch its new Recycled Cotton collection—made of 50 percent recycled and 50 percent conventional collection—in a very non-Vera Bradley aesthetic: solid colors. Within the collection is the limited-edition Lana Utility Backpack, dreamed up by Condor herself.

“My earliest memory of Vera Bradley was when I was 12 or 13. I was dancing a ton at the time and my mom got me a Vera Bradley duffel bag to carry all my ballet gear and I distinctly remember being very excited because my mom always used their bags— we’re a big Vera Bradley family. So it was like my initiation like I’m a woman now!”

We caught up with Condor on her favorite item from the collection, as well as what she carries inside of it. We picked her brain on her favorite lip balm, her drugstore must-have, and even the best underwear that exceeded her expectations. Read on, below.

lana condor vera

Condor and the bag she designed for Vera Bradley.

Courtesy of Vera Bradley

What’s your favorite item from Vera Bradley right now and why?

My favorite item is the Lana Utility Backpack that I helped design as part of Vera Bradley’s new Recycled Cotton collection. Not only is the backpack sustainably made, but it has so many great features – I love all the pockets and the chunky clasps. I wanted to add pops of color and fun detail throughout, like the blush pink trim and the Ballet Blooms pattern for the interior. And my favorite detail is the color block stripe on the back. This backpack is just so me.

What’s one product you doubted would work but exceeded expectations and why?

I didn’t think I was going to like stationary biking – as someone who is used to being in a class, I didn’t really get the whole craze at the start of the pandemic. Then I tried the bike and love it!


Bike Basics



What’s the story behind something you bought because of social media?

The only ads I get on social media revolve around sleeping; my feed knows me so well! I always get PJs or bath salts – and because of the ads, I bought three weighted blankets (not all at once) which are now a staple.

Ultimate beauty question – favorite lip balm?

Laneige has wonderful sleep masks – I found the brand when I was in Korea and I’m more of a nighttime lip balm user, so I use it then all the time.


Lip Sleeping Mask



What’s the best white t-shirt ever? How did you discover it?

The best white t-shirt is one of the only things I brought with me, as I’m traveling right now – it’s L’AGENCE – I stole from a set!

What are the jeans that make your butt look the best?

Mother jeans are really good, I also like RE/Done. I more so pick jeans that are comfortable versus looking good.


High Waisted Rider Skimp



What’s the best underwear?

I wish I was one of those people that wore fancy underwear, but I usually just wear whatever is in my closet! I will say I was pleasantly surprised by SKIMS– they are way more comfortable than I expected them to be.

You’re walking into the drugstore, what are you walking out with?

Wet wipes – I’m still scarred from the beginning of the pandemic when wipes were nowhere to be found! And basics like deodorant and toothpaste.

What’s an under-$10 food thing that makes everything taste better.

Nutritional yeast is a great condiment – especially if you love cheese and want a substitution for it. I put it on everything – eggs, popcorn, you name it.

Best gift you’ve ever received?

When I wrapped To All the Boys, everyone at my agency wrote me a letter and put it in a hat box – and I wasn’t expecting it and felt very loved and supported. It was really beautiful reading people’s personal letters.

What’s the one product you’ve been using the longest and why?

5YINA is the first beauty brand that ever reached out to me and they’re run by Asian women and their products merge traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine and skincare – it’s all oil-based very delicious! I’ve used their products my whole career.

vera bradley lana condor

Courtesy of Vera Bradley

What’s always in your bag?

I love bigger bags because they’re easy to bring to work and it needs to be able to hold my book (I always have a thriller!) and my iPad – I also always have chargers, peppermint essential oil, hand sanitizer, lipstick, and wet wipes!

What’s one thing in your cart right now that you haven’t pulled the trigger on yet?

I’m a big ring girl, and it’s a real problem because rings can be expensive! But there’s a beautiful opal ring I found that’s studded with diamonds and it’s definitely a statement and I can’t really justify it because it’s pricey, but I have it in my cart – maybe one day!

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