This $25 Amazon Dress is Going Viral on TikTok


TikTok, what would we do without you? The app is now the go-to place to discover Amazon treasures—butt-lifting leggings, retro sunglasses, Gossip Girl-ready pleated skirts, to name a few—and if you’re someone who always has their eyeballs glued to their FYP, you’re aware that the it-pieces are consistently changing. Right now, it’s all about the R.Vivimos puff sleeve dress.


Cotton Plaid Boho Midi Dress



This dress is blowing up at the moment thanks to user @fleuranoor, who mentioned that she owns a few styles of them and loves them all. Made with ultra-lightweight cotton, this dress is the perfect get-up for the upcoming hot summer days where’d you rather be wearing nothing. A big pro about this item is that it instantly makes you look put together.

The puffy sleeves are serving up some serious Nap Dress vibes, while the sweet bow in the back feels like a modern take on Bridgerton costumes. But thanks to the off-the-shoulder silhouette, this dress has a sexy edge. It’s available in three colors—white, light blue, and mint green—so you’ll find the perfect one for your style. Whether you wear it to brunch with some friends or bring it out on a date night with your boo, this is the one dress you won’t be taking off for months.

Oh, and the greatest perk? While price varies based on size and color, you can score this dress for $25.

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