Rihanna Kicks Off May by Debuting a Pixie Cut


New month, drastically different look—at least for Rihanna. The singer debuted a pixie cut last night while heading to dinner at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica. She wore a vintage Dior jacket, a Hyein Seo crop top, custom Chrome Hearts pants, vintage Versace sunglasses, and The Attico high heels.

rihanna and her new pixie cut


This isn’t Rihanna’s first time having a pixie cut. The singer went that short before back in 2012:

rihanna in december 2012

Bertrand Rindoff PetroffGetty Images

Rihanna actually spoke to Sarah Paulson for Interview in June 2019 about how she always wanted short hair. Paulson asked Rihanna, “What was it like for your mom when you started dressing for videos?”

She responded, “The only thing my mom didn’t let me do was dye my hair black and cut it short. I’d wanted to do that since I was 14 and she was like, ‘No, not having it.’ So instead, I tried putting on burgundy extensions and I got sent home from school. They told me to either take them out or dye it dark. I left school and went to town to buy some hairspray and spray them dark brown. I was like, ‘I spent $70 on these extensions! I’m going to make them work.’”

She also spoke about how she doesn’t let criticism of her online bother her.

“I have to say, I’ve always had pretty tough skin—even as a little girl, which was completely due to my parents,” she began. “They never sheltered me in any way. They would tease me, and I would tease them right back. By the time I got to school, I always had this feeling like the kids were stupid. Maybe that was god’s way of preparing me for what my life was going to be like. I don’t feel any way about people’s comments. I remember being a kid and being like, ‘Wow! I’m in a chat room. I can say whatever I want. They don’t know how old I am. They don’t know who I am, or where I am.’ There’s that idea of being a child behind a screen and having that feeling like you can say anything. That child is who I imagine behind a comment every time I see one. They would never say that to my face. They probably wouldn’t even say hello.”

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