Can’t Live Without Your Peloton? You’ll Love What the Relaunch of Peloton Yoga Has to Offer!


Although you may think Peloton is only for cycling workouts, the fitness platform also offers yoga classes to stretch your muscles and calm your mind. To expand its offerings, Peloton Yoga is relaunching globally on April 22, with three new experienced instructors, Mariana Fernandez, Nico Sarani, and Kirra Michel. They’ll also now have yoga classes available in Spanish and German, in addition to English.

When POPSUGAR spoke to Peloton instructor and director of yoga and meditation, Ross Rayburn, he explained that when Peloton Yoga first began, they knew they were going to be mostly teaching yoga to the members who were primarily there for cycling, treadmill workouts, and strength classes. So they started with basic yoga practices that introduced people to yoga and also challenged those who had already been practicing yoga.

But now that Peloton is having members coming just for yoga, they’ve expanded by adding teachers and new types of classes. “We now have a program that is not only full of an incredible variety for our members who are cyclists and runners, but now we also have a number of offerings for serious yogis outside of other modalities that are coming to Peloton just for yoga and meditation,” he said.

With this global relaunch of Peloton Yoga, the variety of classes and instructors offering unique voices and yoga practices will make yoga more accessible to its members. Rayburn said, “It’s going to elevate awareness in our membership and also attract people who perhaps didn’t know that Peloton offered yoga, but will now see Peloton as the single best platform for their yoga practice.”

Peloton Yoga will be broken down into five unique elements that allow members of all experience levels to easily create a holistic and comprehensive yoga practice. These elements are:

  • Foundation: These include Peloton Yoga Flows and Yoga Basics to help set members up for a solid yoga practice and give them the confidence to take any class Peloton offers.
  • Power: These classes build strength, stamina, and an inner fortitude for transforming members’ lives, for going to the next level. “We know so many of our members are really looking for that kind of growth and elevation of their overall fitness,” Rayburn said.
  • Focus: These classes allow members to gain an in-depth understanding of specific poses they’ll find in Peloton yoga classes, and to learn little tricks and techniques to make poses feel better. They’ll learn how to have a greater range of motion in their practice, and also go deeper into the more philosophical and metaphysical ideas of yoga. The Focus element is really about those who are looking to get more out of their yoga practice and have it be a larger part of their lives.
  • Recovery: These classes offer the perfect place to slow down, look inward, and breathe when you need to reset and recover.
  • Unity: These classes excite and energize you around a specific event or time and include Peloton’s Artist Series classes, specific holiday classes, family content, Peloton’s Breathe In Speak Up series, cultural events, as well as prenatal and postnatal yoga.

Peloton yoga classes range in time, offering short five-minutes practices, a number of 10- and 20-minute classes, all the way up to 45-, 60-, and even a few 75-minute minute classes. The majority of classes are live and then become available on demand.

There are a myriad of benefits yoga can offer, which include feeling better, reduced tightness or discomfort, increased flexibility, and faster workout recovery. On a deeper level, Rayburn said, yoga is an opportunity in your day to do a physical activity, but one where there is inspiration and introspection where it feels like you get the chance to press pause for a little bit on all of the intensity and stimulus in our modern world. Yoga can be an oasis of rejuvenation and even a reboot that allows you to go into the rest of your day or the next day feeling like you’ve gotten the chance to start over. “Yoga really does have that power,” he said.

The question of how to incorporate yoga into your daily life basically comes down to finding your perfect balance. You might look forward to it every day, or maybe just once a week or every two weeks. “I’m always an advocate for finding the amount of yoga per week that makes you look forward to your yoga classes, so that yoga doesn’t feel like an obligatory part of your fitness and wellness regimen,” Rayburn said. Finding that amount is usually the way to create a lifelong yoga practice as opposed to doing too much too soon and burning out. Hopefully, Peloton Yoga can help you find the right amount of yoga for you!

Image Source: Peloton

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