“Check in With One Another”: Joe Jonas Encourages Fans to Prioritize Mental Health


Between maintaining a steady work-life balance, keeping up with the news, and trying to squeeze in a regular workout, it can be way too easy to forget to check in with ourselves and our mental health. As part of Instagram’s #SaySomething challenge, Joe Jonas, tagged by Nick Frost, shared a video detailing what he does to take care of his mental health daily. “It’s not only important for me, but I feel it’s important for everyone to be aware of what they can do for themselves and others,” Jonas said as he went for a walk outside.

To kick off his morning routine, Jonas makes a point of waking up 30 minutes to an hour earlier than necessary to enjoy his mornings and get in a three to 10-minute meditation. “I don’t have this profound meditation every time, but I feel like the repetition really helps me and it keeps me in check,” he said. “I also try to work out in some way, exercise, whether that’s going for a long run, jump rope, cycling. If I can’t do that, I’ll do Peloton or work out in the garage.”

Beyond taking care of his own mental health, Jonas also hosts a meditation group with author and life coach Jay Shetty, which gives him a “sense of community,” and inspired him to take on the greater responsibility of looking out for the people around him. “Call and text and check in with one another,” Jonas encouraged his fans. “It’s easy to forget that not everybody’s always reaching out to your friends and family . . . but it’s so easy to just check in and make sure they’re doing okay. If this year has taught us anything, it would be that we need to be there for each other. Mental health is immensely important.” Watch Jonas’s full video here and read up on these therapist-approved ways to relieve your quarantine anxieties.

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