What Do UCLA Gymnasts Do Off Camera? Sing Alicia Keys, Dance, and Celebrate Each Other


The women gymnasts from UCLA are known for their showstopping choreography and viral routines — and aside from when they’re performing, they are masked up on the sidelines. What are those vibrant personalities really like off camera? UCLA put mics on some athletes during a competition back in February, and the result is a must-watch.

We love hearing the funny banter from former UCLA Bruin and current undergraduate assistant coach Kyla “Boss” Ross. Other mic’d-up athletes were seniors Kendal Poston and Lilia Waller and freshmen Frida Esparza and Sara Ulias. Great bits from the footage? Esparza’s commentary during Margzetta Frazier’s iconic Janet Jackson floor routine and Ulias adding hilarious commentary of her own while Poston performs in front of the beam judges. (Head coach Chris Waller dancing is also a delight to see — go, Waller, go!) They are one big family singing Alicia Keys, laughing out loud, and supporting each other. Yes, we’d totally ask these gymnasts to be our hype people. We have no doubt they’d do a phenomenal job.

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