This Yoga Instructor’s Fresh Approach to Meditation Might Just Change Your Whole Practice


A huge part of Jessica’s yoga journey was realizing it’s for everyone — not just people who are flexible enough to slip into some of the tougher poses. “I think our fixation on extremely difficult [postures] keeps a lot of bodies away from the practice,” she said.

Instead of getting hung up on specific yoga poses or lofty fitness goals, Jessica encourages her students to stay present and learn to love the process. “Doing anything simply for a desired end result will always leave you feeling empty at the end,” she said. “My approach is to show up on the mat to meet and respect the body I’m in today, in the moment.”

Paying close attention to the way her body feels has not only helped Jessica feel more confident, but also empowered her to say goodbye to workouts she doesn’t love. “I’ve learned to advocate for my body and my needs, listen to myself, and make decisions and choices from a loving perspective,” Jessica said. “If you hate HIIT or running, you honestly do not have to do them anymore! Sometimes we get stuck in movement ruts, and sometimes our preferences just change.”

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