Gigi Hadid Dyed Her Hair Red After Being Inspired by ‘The Queen’s Gambit’


Gigi Hadid made her biggest hair change yet: ditching her signature blonde locks for red. The model revealed on her Instagram Story today that she really did dye her hair ginger ahead of today’s Versace show (Hadid’s first runway show since she welcomed her five-month-old daughter with Zayn Malik, Khai). The hair change happened during the last week of February.

She shared a video of herself in the salon chair on Feb. 26 then shared the final results. “She is dedicated to everyone responsible for The Queen’s Gambit,” Hadid captioned one shot, referencing Netflix’s hit series where its main character Beth Harmon (played by Anya Taylor-Joy, who won a Golden Globe for the role last weekend) has red hair.

gigi hadid while dying her hair red


gigi hadid with her new red hair


gigi hadid with her new red hair


Hadid subtly teased her hair change on Feb. 28 when she was photographed out in a green cap that completely hid her new locks.

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Hadid gave her first interview after welcoming Khai in September to Vogue for the magazine’s March issue. In it, she spoke candidly about what’s next for her. Hadid is open to acting now and carving her own path as she and Malik raise their daughter on their Pennsylvania farm.

“You have a kid, and you’re lying in bed together, and you look over and you’re like, ‘Okay, what now?’ And you ask all of your friends the same questions, and everyone has a different answer,” she said. “And that’s when you kind of realize that everyone figures it out for themselves. And you do it in your own way, and you can take bits and pieces from people, but you’re always going to end up doing it a little bit differently. This is our way.”

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