I’ll Never Look at Smart Mirrors the Same Way After Seeing SNL’s Eerie Home Workout Skit


Someone please tell Saturday Night Live to let me work out at home in peace. First, the NBC sketch comedy show dragged the Peloton hype, and on Feb. 27, SNL‘s cast took things one step further with a pointed (but hilarious) Mirror Home Gym parody. Ever wonder what it’d be like if your Mirror was cursed? No? Well, let SNL provide some unwanted nightmare fuel.

I must admit, despite the digs at home workouts, this skit kept me laughing. Host Nick Jonas is a convincing weights instructor to Chris Redd and Mikey Day, but Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson really steal the sketch as Shannon Delgado and Azuzal the demon. Don’t ever make a devilish deal with your workout equipment folks, no matter what gains it promises you. Check out the eerily funny skit in full, above.

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