We’re Gonna Need a Minute After Seeing Chris Hemsworth’s New Strength-Training Move


Welcome back to another edition of “Is Chris Hemsworth a perfect statue of chiseled marble, or a human man?”, today featuring his trainer Luke Zocchi, a fitness expert on Hemsworth’s Centr app, and a fun little piece of equipment called a sled. No, not that kind of sled — in the gym, sleds are these metal contraptions with handles that slide across carpeting. You get to pile on all the weight you want and shove or pull it across the floor to work basically your entire body.

But this is Thor we’re talking about, so of course this isn’t just any old sled workout. Instead of stacking weight plates, Hemsworth was pulling Zocchi, who was just sitting on top of the sled going along for the ride, and like, can we sign up for that job? So, a couple things to point out here. First of all, sleds are known as a way of building strength and power, so no wonder a Marvel superhero is adding them to his routine. Secondly, please note that one sled usually weighs 70 to 90 pounds by itself, so if you stack an entire person on top of that, we’re talking . . . well over 200 pounds that he’s pushing and pulling? Hemsworth is out of breath at the end (panting “so easy” before collapsing on the ground), so that tells you all you need to know about how tough this was. Maybe us mere humans will stick to the weight plates in our next sled workout. Until then, we’ll just go ahead and watch Hemsworth and his shoulders do *gestures* all of that more time.

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