Megan Fox Reportedly Wants Divorce From Brian Austin Green ‘to Be Done’ but He Is ‘Not Making It Easy’


Megan Fox may not be engaged to Machine Gun Kelly yet, but she wants her relationship with him to move ahead—as soon as her divorce from ex-husband Brian Austin Green is finalized. E! got an update from a source about how Fox and Green are doing as they legally close the chapter on their 10-year marriage and Fox looks ahead to her “forever” future with Kelly. Green is not as eager to wrap things up as Fox would like him to be, the source said.

“Brian is definitely not making it easy or doing things quickly,” the source said. “Megan would like to wrap it up and get it finished as quickly as possible, but Brian is not exactly working with her on that.”

Fox filed for divorce in November 2020 after the two quietly separated in late 2019. She waited to file because “they needed to hash out custody and figure everything out. It’s been in the works, and this was always her plan,” a source told E! then. “As soon as they wrapped it up and the papers were in order, she filed.” Fox and Green share three sons, and she is seeking 50/50 custody.

megan fox and brian austin green

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Green hasn’t been as ready to let go of Fox as she has been to let go of him.
E! was told by a source in early November that Green is “bitter” about the end of his marriage to Fox and is “constantly trying to get under her skin to get some sort of attention or reaction.”

For some time, Green seemed to hold out hope that he and Fox would reconcile. He spoke about the prospect during an August Instagram Live (despite Fox very publicly dating her “twin flame” Kelly then): “I never say never. You never know. I kinda feel like people are on paths in life and sometimes your paths are together and you travel that path together and you see eye to eye and then sometimes paths do different things. And, you know, we had an amazing 15-year relationship.” Green has since started dating Sharna Burgess.

As for Fox and Kelly’s relationship, E!’s source said that Fox really sees Kelly as her “life partner.” “They plan to be together forever,” the source said. “She wants the divorce to be done with so she can move on and move ahead.”

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