Here’s What We’re Buying For Ourselves This V Day


We’re reclaiming February 14 in the name of self love!

Just us, or are you strangely psyched for Valentine’s Day this year? In previous years, many of us rolled our eyes at the cheesy so-called “Hallmark holiday,” its materialistic expectations and the way it can make single folks feel, well, shitty. But, if ever there’s been a time to reclaim February 14 as a celebration of self love, it’s after the year we just had.

We’re planning on rolling out all the stops this Valentine’s Day—we’re talking classic gifts like scented candles, jewellery and lingerie, to more unexpected treats like sexy reads and feminist skateboard decks—and doing it for our damn selves. Because! We! Deserve! It!

Whether you’re coupled up or spending Valentine’s Day solo, take a page from our books and gift yourself something to lift your spirits. Here are the items the FLARE team is spoiling ourselves with this year.

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