The Bedtime Drink That Keeps Me From Doomscrolling


Last year, I established a new pre-bedtime ritual. Immediately after I cocooned my skin in Mutha Face Oil and Lanolips Superbalm, I’d climb into bed, open the internet on my phone, and start to doomscroll.

I spent hours falling down the dark hole that is Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram, always unable to climb my way out and into a restful night’s sleep. After weeks of complaining to my dad on the phone, he suggested I try the forgotten bedtime tradition of my East-meets-West family. When I couldn’t sleep as a kid, my parents would mix a warm glass of milk with turmeric, nutmeg, and honey. My childhood sleep-inducing drink now has a trendy name because of the new wave wellness movement: Golden milk.

Here’s my secret recipe:

It took months of R&D, but I’ve finally perfected the deep sleep-inducing magic drink. The key is to start with the Brooklyn-based Golde’s Turmeric Latte Blend. Instead of simply pure turmeric, it’s a mix of six organic, good-for-you ingredients that also create a slightly-spiced nightcap on their own. The base is coconut milk power—genius—because it gives you a super creamy finish with just-a-hint-of-sweet flavor. It also has ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom for a cozy, chai-like vibe.

Most importantly, it’s spiked with black pepper: piperine, the active ingredient in black pepper, makes curcumin 2000% more bioavailable. If you’ve been taking turmeric supplements without piperine, you’re not reaping the benefits of the superfood. (Golde also makes two other versions of their turmeric blends: Cacao and Matcha.)

Welcome to my new routine!

About 45 minutes before I’d like to be asleep, I’ll text my family goodnight, put my phone on a charger in a different room (the restraint!!!), and concoct my golden milk. Sometimes, I’ll sip it in a quick bath; other times, I’ll curl up in bed with a book. Either way, by the time I see the bottom of my Hello Kitty mug, I better be near where I am sleeping for the night—because when the golden milk hits, let me tell you, it hits.

This is the kind of sleep that you wake up the next morning, a little confused and amazed but refreshed. In preparation for my nocturnal state change, I even keep a pack of face wipes next to my bed for emergencies. It’s so sleep-inducing that I’ve fallen asleep with a face of full makeup, only to awake with a look at 7:00 am the next day.

Don’t sleep on the benefits of Tumeric.

This super-spice doesn’t just have calming benefits. Studies have shown it helps with digestion, gives you glowing skin (I love this turmeric mask!), and can help stabilize blood sugar. On the days after I have a golden-milk induced sleep, I notice a difference in my productivity and mood. And if that isn’t enough of a reason to keep drinking, I don’t know what is.

Cheers and goodnight.

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