Here’s Why I’m Naming My Anxiety and Unwanted Thoughts After My Ex-Boyfriend


No thank you Chad🤍 what are you naming yours? #therapy #therapist #mentalhealth #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #learnontiktok

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Psychotherapist Nadia Addesi, BSW, RSW, MACP, posts an abundance of grade-A advice on social media, and it’s no wonder she has three million followers on TikTok alone! Addesi, based in Ontario, Canada, recently shared a useful tip for taming anxious thoughts, and it goes like this: give those thoughts a human name, and not just any name. Give them the name of someone you don’t want to listen to.

For example, Addesi said in the TikTok video above that she names thoughts such as “you’re not good enough” and “nobody likes you” Chad. “Now, when Chad comes and tells me that I’m not good enough or tells me that I’m going to fail, I say, ‘Thank you, Chad, but I choose not to listen to you right now,'” she explained.

According to Addesi, this tactic helps separate you from your thoughts, and it grants you more control over them. The mind can be a scary place; however, you don’t have to dwell there. You can overcome doubts — maybe not overnight, but with time and with the guidance of tricks such as this from licensed therapists.

This is why I’m going to name my own anxious thoughts after my ex-boyfriend. I used to listen to him a great deal, but he’s been out of my life now for years and is someone I’d rather not see again (I’ll leave it at that). So, here’s to you, man I shall not name on POPSUGAR. Here’s to not listening.

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