This Year, Make Habit Tracking a Part of Your Wellness Routine


When the new year rolls around, I get excited to make goals and set intentions. One of the most interesting things that I’ve discovered is that, when I make my resolutions, I always include one small habit that I want to incorporate into my daily routine. Spoiler alert; it works. Tackling one behavior at a time makes implementing habits a lot easier, and being able to successfully change my routine gives me so much pride, especially if the rest of my goals are a bit loftier than making my bed every single day. Recently, though, I’ve discovered habit trackers, and they are brilliant.

Habit trackers are just what they say they are; a way for you to track your habits every single day. Say your goal was to drink two liters of water every day; once you complete that, mark it on your habit tracker, and over time, you’ll start to see patterns that can help inform your behavior. It’s brilliant, especially for someone like me who is incredibly motivated by checking something off a list. There are printable options, habit trackers that come as part of a wellness journal or planner, and even large ones for the whole family. Keep on reading to shop our picks!

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