Naomi Osaka Filmed a Day in the Life While Training For the Australian Open


Naomi Osaka is a person I just want to spend the day with not only because of her major tennis skills, but also due to her vocal activism for social and racial justice, impeccable sense of fashion, and stellar home workouts. Also, the 23-year-old’s house isn’t half bad — spoiler alert: it’s incredible. Osaka filmed what an ordinary 24 hours looks like for her in a new Vogue video, seen above.

Osaka’s breakfast consists of avocado toast (focaccia topped with avocado and smoked salmon, to be exact) and a green juice. Then, she’s off to sweat it out at tennis practice and head to the gym with her trainer, after which she gets treatment from a physiotherapist — training days, she says in the video, pretty much buckle down to those three things. This specific gym session called for some sled drills, stability exercises, and moves like push-ups. You’ll next see her head to a campaign shoot for Levi’s — because being athletic is just one of her many talents.

Osaka is currently training for the Australian Open in February, the first Grand Slam of the new year. Back in 2019, she won the tournament, and it was the second time in her professional tennis career that she earned a Grand Slam singles title. “Maybe when I play my first round I’ll be a little bit nervous,” she says. “Usually I’m very excited for Grand Slams, but if I was nervous, I would tell myself that everyone’s nervous. I don’t think there’s a player that isn’t nervous going into a Grand Slam.” Good luck to you, Osaka! We’ll be watching from our couches — maybe even with some avo toast of our own.

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