7 Tried-and-True YouTube Workouts That Fitness Fans Swear By


Was your fitness routine turned upside down the past year? Come on in and join the club! I went from hitting the gym four times a week to shoving furniture around my tiny living room to make space for a yoga mat. YouTube workouts were a godsend, keeping me motivated and on my game when everything else got overwhelming.

But don’t just take my word for it; we reached out to members of our POPSUGAR Workout Club (join us!) to find out which workouts and trainers got them through the year. Some fitness fans relied on a couple of go-to routines (get ready for abs and squats!), others dove into a new favorite trainer, and all of us made sure movement was still part of our lives. So if your own workout routine needs a January refresh, keep reading for a treasure trove of fan favorites to get you started.

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