We Compared 12 Gap Leggings So You Can See Beyond Their Looks


Anyone else living in leggings? Even if workouts are only happening, say, once a week, there’s just something about the form-fitting pants that make them a sweet around-the-house or around-town option, too. But, not only is it hard to judge between what seems like millions of black pairs, it’s also important to consider what amount of activity you’ll be doing before selecting the perfect one, no matter the color.

In the interest of saving you time and money (as there’s a big Gap sale happening now), we’ve looked through all their leggings to see which we’d recommend for different exercises. These 12 stood out: some are super soft — like organic-cotton soft — while others have maximum compression for high-energy activities. Check them out ahead, and see which fits your fitness plan and personal style as well.

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