The Secret to Yahya’s Perfect Skin is Getting Steamy


Now that we’ve put the dreadful year 2020 behind us, it’s becoming easier to find little pockets of joy to brighten up our 2021 days. Mine? Watching our collective boyfriend Yahya Abdul-Mateen II beaming with joy as he discovers the amazing benefits of facial steaming.

Just ten hours ago, the actor posted a carousel of videos and photos of him doing his skincare routine, a moment he revealed was inspired by a phone conversation he had with his uncle. “I was ramblin’ on the phone with my uncle when he cut me off and said, “Aye! Aye! Aye! Aye! Aye! Aye!.. … … RELAAAAAAAAX,” he wrote on Instagram, adding that he’ll be taking this new year “REEEEAL SLOW!!” “Steamin and Beamin!!” is what Yahya dubbed his skincare routine.

If you’ve ever perused Yahya’s Instagram pictures, his joyful smile is sometimes accompanied by a sultry smolder or a shirtless pic (hey, lock screen!), but it’s his sunkissed radiant glow that remains a constant. Safe to assume facial steaming is one way he achieves his perfect skin and his routine consists of just three simple steps:

Step 1: Karaoke to Giveon

      While massaging the cleanser onto his forehead, Yahya set the mood by singing along to “Still Your Best” by Giveon before realizing the cleanser accidentally got in his eye.

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        Step 2: Ponder

        How long are you supposed actually steam your face? That question probably haunts Yahya, who admitted he has no idea how long he should be steaming his face but has been at it for about 45 mins, on and off. “I don’t know how many times a day I’m supposed to do this, but I think I’m into this now,” he says as he moves his face around to make sure all areas are being steamed evenly. Yahya, might I suggest ELLE’s guide to facial steaming?

        Step 3: Pics or it didn’t happen!

        Did you really perform your whole skincare routine if you didn’t document it for your Instagram followers? Luckily, Yahya knows exactly what we like: new lock screen options. After steaming his face, Yahya sealed the deal with a selfie of him smiling seemingly mid-steam.

        Of course, Yahya’s comment section was filled with support from fans and friends alike, including fellow actor and beautiful person Michael B Jordan, and groomer to the stars (including Yahya himself) Joanna Simkin. The actor also got in the comments himself, recommending fans to shop for a steamer at Sephora. It seems best to follow his sound advice. Here’s to “steamin’ and beamin” in 2021!

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