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Too Hot to Handle season 1 and season 2 spoilers ahead!

The first four episodes of Too Hot to Handle season 2 is out, which means we get to enjoy another round of very horny people trying their best to…not be horny and failing miserably. This time around, we are watching this show in a post-vaccination society, which means we can hug and touch all of our fellow vaccinated crushes while we watch these guys attempt celibacy to win money from a collective prize fund.

This season’s cast definitely keeps up to date with their Netflix binges; when they found out they were on Too Hot to Handle instead of the fake show Parties in Paradise (seriously?), they knew what they were in for.

Most of this cast had clearly seen Harry and Francesca, one of last season’s standout couples, cost the cast the lion’s share of the deductions. These two cost the group a few thousand here and there until they eventually went for it and lost $20,000 when they had sex.

There are only four episodes of THTH season 2 out so far, but as it stands, Emily Miller and Cam Holmes are this year’s Harry and Francesca. Both from the U.K. and both very attractive little rule breakers, Miller and Holmes are the first pair on the show to disobey the robot cock-block Lana and cost the cast money.

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Holmes, from Newport, Wales, identifies as a “sexy nerd” who has a Lord of the Rings tattoo and likes to pull his Gollum impression out from time to time. Miller is multilingual and a professional model signed with Robert Wilson’s modeling agency, FOMO Models. She is from London.

Besides their home countries, these two don’t exactly seem like the perfect match. So, what do we know about them now?

They are definitely the sneakiest cast members on the show so far.

As as been established, Holmes and Miller couple up fast. They kiss before they even know they are on Too Hot to Handle, but when they found out kissing is against the rules, it doesn’t really stop them. They break the rules and try to hide it right away, but Lana never lets anyone off the hook for long before exposing their transgressions.

They are also the first couple to be challenged with a retreat away together, and…they cost the group money.

“I mean, at first I did feel slightly bad—kinda,” Miller told Radio Times in an exclusive interview. “But as the show went on, people were just breaking rules left, right and center. So I was like, ‘I’ve got nothing to feel bad about.’”

Cam added: “Yeah, I didn’t feel bad. For me, if there was a reason behind it and if I thought, ‘I kind of want to do it,’ and if I thought, ‘I want to get to know this person,’ then I legitimized the rule break myself.”

By episode two (aka day two), Miller and Holmes were justifying the rule breaks before anyone else, though: “I’m not one to abide by rules,” Miller says to Holmes before they make out on the beach and cost the group their first monetary deduction. “You know when someone says don’t push a red button all you gotta do is push the red button.”

That was hardly their only rule break, and next time, they get a lot less forthcoming about their physical moments. These two are definitely prime suspects when Lana announces that the prize fund has gotten even smaller.

They are both massive flirts.

Holmes, in particular, seems to know from the start that he and Miller are going to break the rules, and he encourages the other guys on the show to break the rules, too, if they think it is worth it.

There is a reason, too, that Marvin Anthony, the Parisian model and a major flirt, is drawn to Miller for a while. She is definitely one to flirt back. “Everyone is attracted to you, girl,” he says. “Really?,” she says, as if she doesn’t know. In the end, though, Anthony backs off and Holmes and Miller keep working on being Harry and Francesca 2.0. They literally make out right in front of Lana (and fellow contestant Carly Lawrence.

There are so many beautiful people who hate rules on this show. The casting directors did very well.

Are they still together?

It is too early to determine if these two are still on. They might not follow the rules on the show, but they do follow the well-known rules set for competition-show contestants: Don’t reveal the outcome of the finale while the show is still streaming.

These two are still only posting photos separately on their Instagram, but watch this space. I have a feeling things didn’t necessarily end when the cameras stopped rolling and the contestants had access to vaccines in the outside world. We shall see!

This post will be updated as the season continues.

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